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Your badass Life and Career is waiting for you!

Wandering Traveler


“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”


So glad You are Here !

Hi, I'm Joyce, an experienced HR professional and mindset coach, empowering busy ambitious people-focused leaders like you stand in your power to create a badass life and career. Working with individuals and teams to regain, maintain and optimise wellness and well-being through developing and sustaining positive mindsets. 

I personally do what I love, feel totally fulfilled by my choices, AND lead a balanced and free life on my terms. 

My hope is to help others discover their own best tools to proactively empower their everyday well-being to live with more ease and balance. 

Here's How I Can Help You

If you’re feeling anxious about self-improvement, remember: every person is completely unique. Someone else’s life path cannot be your benchmark of success, since they have different dreams, passions and skills. There is also no road map or ideal outcome in life, because everyone’s path is theirs and theirs alone.

My strength is in facilitating ways for my clients to gain greater self-awareness, discover a new perspective, find a new path, and regain trust and belief in their ability to be resilient amidst life's challenges. With those shifts come transformative moments that lead to new beginnings and healthier, more empowered individuals, teams and organizations.

Team Spirit

HR Support

Are you overwhelmed by the volume of work to do to address the current crisis? 

Not sure if you need hands-on HR expertise, mentoring or coaching - or a blend of all three? My unique blend of HR coaching, an experienced mentor/thinking partner, and HR consulting means you get more bang for your buck. Whether you want to work on the wellbeing of your HR team, or buy in some hands-on HR expertise across the full HR spectrum to get key projects off your plate, I can help.

“Choosing to laugh doesn’t undermine the serious work we have to do. It enables us to do it.” 

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

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