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If you’ve landed on my page then it’s likely you’re looking for something. And I’m hoping I can help you find what that something is.

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Well then you deserve to know a bit more about me:

After over 25 years of  delivering HR services to Corporate and SSME companies, I started to question my purpose and role in life. I had  a good job, supportive husband, two beautiful boys. But I felt like I was letting everyone down, including myself. I thought I was living my dream, but I didn’t sleep well at night, was starting to suffer from the symptoms of chronic stress and burnout.........I certainly didn’t feel happy.  So my search for better health and more happiness began.

I started my coaching practice in 2015 and worked with clients that were looking to build an empowered mindset and a resilient spirit, while still having fun and being true to themselves.

During the COVID19 outbreak, I was deeply moved by the realisation that there had to be more to life than sickness, work and sleep……and so So-Hum was born.

I am a professional coach and independent HR consultant who partners with female HR professionals and their teams to enable them to thrive in tough times, optimise their health and well-being by building resilience, agility and people acuity. 

My approach is not to solve my client’s problems or ‘rescue’ them, but to engage, enable and empower them to find new possibilities, answers and opportunities to enrich and fulfil their life.  

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The World is a Messy Place

The relentless pace and increasing demands that many of us face in both our professional and personal lives can come with a high price to pay, in terms of compromised emotional and physical health and damage to relationships. And most days it feels easiest to throw up our hands and despair that the problem is too big. That we can't do anything about it. Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving....and that is OK.


We can get stronger and more resilient. Resilience and well-being are hot topics and most people think that resilience is something that you either do, or don't have. BUT, how do you become more resilient?

A unique blend of HR  coaching & expertise​

As a busy HR Leader, I know from personal experience how many plates you are spinning at once. The business wants to see immediate impact, and often there just aren't enough days in the week. You may not have the resources for a big team. Or, you are a busy HR leader with too many things to do and not enough time to do it all? If you need to outsource your HR or need interim HR help to get a key project off your to-do list and ready to deliver in the business, I can help. I can help you to navigate the full range of HR areas, including statutory reporting, talent management, learning and development, recruitment strategy, employee engagement, inclusion & diversity training and organisational change.

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Ready to take action!

A change in thought can lead to a change in life


Mindset Mastery Sessions:

Personalized coaching sessions focus on helping female HR leaders develop a growth mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and adopt perspectives that promote agility and resilience in their approach to challenges.


Resilience Building Workshops:

Interactive workshops provide practical strategies and tools to enhance resilience, manage stress, and navigate change effectively. Female HR leaders learn how to bounce back from setbacks and lead with confidence during times of uncertainty.


Habit Transformation Programs:

Structured programs assist female HR leaders in identifying and transforming habits that may contribute to burnout or hinder effectiveness. These programs promote sustainable behaviors that support well-being and professional growth.


Well-being and Self-care Practices:

Coaching sessions focus on promoting self-care practices and prioritizing well-being. Female HR leaders learn techniques for managing stress, setting boundaries, and fostering work-life balance, enabling them to sustain their energy and effectiveness over the long term.


Employee Engagement Strategies:

We offer guidance on fostering employee engagement and well-being within organizations. Female HR leaders learn to create supportive cultures, implement effective communication strategies, and leverage resources to promote employee satisfaction and retention.


Lyster Avenue, Featherbrooke Estate

Gauteng, South Africa


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