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About SoHum

So-Hum was founded in 2020, during the Covid- 19 Pandemic in response to the observed intense personal and professional pressure and stress that HR professionals experienced.
At So-Hum, we believe that we are all unique in our own way and that, when one stops trying to conform, they free up a lot of energy. My mission is to help you use that energy to deepen your understanding of yourself, to follow your curiosity, face your fears, discover what you truly care about and mobilise your natural resources and talents to improve productivity and work joy.
I draw on a rich stream of knowledge, principles, tools and learnings from business and health principles and use these to help my clients develop some essential practices for well being at work.

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My Story

Joyce Lotz

After over 20 years of  delivering HR services to Corporate and SSME companies, I started to question my purpose and role in life. I had  a good job, supportive husband, two beautiful boys. But I felt like I was letting everyone down, including myself. I thought I was living my dream, but I didn’t sleep well at night, was starting to suffer from the symptoms of chronic stress and I certainly didn’t feel happy.  So my search for better health and more happiness began.
I started my coaching practice in 2015 and worked with clients that were looking to build an empowered mindset and a resilient spirit, while still having fun and being true to themselves.
During the COVID-19 outbreak, I was deeply moved by the realisation that there had to be more to life than sickness, work and sleep……and so So-Hum was born.
I am a professional coach and independent HR consultant who partners with female change - makers and their teams to enable them to thrive in tough times, optimise their health and well-being by building resilience, agility and people acuity. 
My approach is not to solve my client’s problems or ‘rescue’ them, but to engage, enable and empower them to find new possibilities, answers and opportunities to enrich and fulfill their life.

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